Scholarship Society Creates Impact or Future Workforce

The Schaumburg Business Association (SBA) raises money annually to fulfill the mission of their 501c3 Charitable Foundation. The proceeds of these funds are used to provide high school seniors with a scholarship to attend a college or university in the State of Illinois. The goal of the SBA’s Charitable Foundation is to work today to support tomorrow through educational scholarships and community services support. Contributions are dedicated to developing a skilled workforce and provide the learning support needed for leadership development. The SBA is always looking for ways to evolve and increase their impact. 2023 saw the first Scholarship Society class. This is a diverse group of companies looking to commit to the success and growth of the SBA Charitable Foundation. This led to raising a record-breaking amount of $22,000 for this year’s awarding at the 2022 Toast of Schaumburg.
This year the SBA Scholarship Committee has chosen eight immensely talented, intelligent, and self-motivated students to award scholarships too. We are impressed by their adaptation to change and perseverance as this past year was like any other. The recipients are Dominic Mininni, Klaudia Kurek, Kevin Tarchala, William Gabrione, Allison Prabakar, Nathan Frank, Karissa Patel, Chittesh Saravanan.
Dominic Mininni is a self-proclaimed hard worker. He was greatly appreciative of relieving some of the stress of paying for school, which he is doing himself. After graduating from Conant High School this May, he will be heading to Butler University in the fall to study Entrepreneurship and Innovation.
Klaudia Kurek describes herself as very persistent and looks forward to achieving her goal of attending Colombia College and majoring in design. Graduating from Conant High School she spent much time volunteering and worked two jobs and completed an internship.  
Kevin Tarchala has a strong drive to spend his life serving others. Being awarded Eagle Scout of the Year and nominated for Village of Schaumburg’s Youth Volunteer of the Year, Kevin is already prepared for starting University of Illinois in the fall. During his time at Schaumburg High School, he developed a love of engineering and will continue his education int that field.
William Gabrione from Hersey High School is excited to be studying business next year at the University of Illinois. William enjoys challenging himself, particularly in his love of sports and giving back to his community. He hopes to use his business education as an instrument of change, helping to better the lives of people in big ways.
Allison Prabakar is a graduate from Hoffman Estates High School. This fall she is heading to the University of Illinois to study Statistics and Computer Science. She has a deep love of math which she uses to tutor students from pre-school to high school over the summers for Mathnasium. She also hopes to continue nourishing her deep roots in volunteerism in college.
Nathan Frank is a graduate of Hoffman Estates High School and is looking forward to attending Illinois Wesleyan University in the fall. He will be playing football, which he hopes will continue helping him build new relationships at school. Receiving the scholarship will help him be able to focus on learning and challenging himself every day.
Karissa Patel is a Barrington High School grad who has committed to attending the University of Illinois. She worked hard through school on her passions of giving back through the Silver Project, Girl Code, and more. She hopes to continue making an impact through a degree in Systems Engineering and Design.
Chittesh Saravanan has the next seven years of his life mapped out. Starting with graduation from Hoffman Estates High School, off to the University of Illinois for Business and Political Science, then on to law school. He was heavily involved in extra curriculars and hopes to continue being involved with school and local politics.
The Schaumburg Business Association sends congratulations to each of the scholarship recipients as they embark on this new chapter of their future. The SBA also looks to grow the Scholarship Society and its impact. For questions or to join, contact SBA President Lisa Gilbert at
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