Meet the Staff

Lisa Gilbert


11 Years at the SBA

Dedicated curation of vibrant programing and benefits for all of the SBA membership

Fun Fact: Lisa has visited 49 countries!


Christina Cox

Marketing & Communications Manager

7 Years at the SBA

Designs marketing channels to amplify member brands and our own

Fun Fact: Christina has also been a practicing licensed cosmetologist for 18 years!

Kayleigh Burnitz

Events Manager

5 Years at the SBA

Building dynamic events that foster unique opportunities for professional growth

Fun Fact: Kayleigh has never had a drop of coffee!

Amanda Moreau

Community and Finance Manager

2 Years at the SBA

Keeping the lights on and the bills paid

Fun Fact: Amanda is a former Radio and Club DJ but current house party DJ…House music all night long!

Gary Knapp

Membership Manager

1 Year at the SBA

Strengthening membership through growth and added value

Fun Fact: Gary’s favorite vacation spot is Epcot Center at Disney World!

Renée Fetty

Membership Services

First Year at the SBA

Sharing the best kept secrets of membership

Fun Fact: Renée is an introvert that moonlights as an extrovert!