Networking Groups

Networking Groups

With 11 networking groups (7 non-compete, 1 compete and 3 alliance groups), there is bound to be one that is right for you.  Reach out to the SBA office to learn more, (847) 413-1010.

B2BN (Currently Meeting Virtually)

Meets: Every 2nd & 4th Wednesday from 8:00-9:00am
Description: A non-compete, proactive, serious-minded referral group focused on B2B members
Membership View: Owners, Trusted Advisors, or Professionals with over 2 yrs in their current position
Chair Person:
Kelly Anderson

CEO Forum (Currently Meeting Virtually)

Meets: 2nd Thursday of every month from 8:00-10:00am
Description: Peer advisory group, meeting specifically to help one another with business items
Membership View: Business Owners, P&L Responsibility/ Chief Decision Maker
We are a peer advisory group. Our objective is to be a place where members can bring problems or opportunities and get candid, objective feedback from fellow business leaders. Although members don't have to carry the title of CEO, they do have to be the chief decision-maker for their organization and have bottom line P&L responsibility. We are a non-compete group, so we don't allow competitors of existing members to join, but apart from that, we are not looking for any particular industry representation.
Open for new members- Non-compete
Chair Person:
Andy Rockwood

Connections (Currently Meeting Virtually)

Meets: 1st and 3rd Tuesday at 7:30am
Description: Referral discussions and craft talks including a once a month self-promoted group business after hours, charity holiday party, baseball games (social activities)
Membership View: Business Owners, Decision Makers, Sales Executives, etc.
Open for new members- Compete (All members welcome)
Chair Person: Ted McGinn

Dedicated Network Alliance (Currently Meeting Virtually)

Meets: Every Thursday excluding the last at 8-9 am
Description: A dynamic generating referral group, dedicated to aggressively providing members with quality business referrals. Meets 1st Thursday of every month at Wildberry.
Membership View: Business Owners, Decision Makers, Sales Executives, etc.
Open for new members- Non-compete
Chair Persons: Lauren Klaus; Laurel Clark

NonProfit Alliance (Currently Meeting Virtually)

Meets: 3rd Friday of every month 11:30-1:00pm
Description: A group designed for SBA Nonprofit members, (which includes Nonprofit Staff, Board of Directors and dedicated volunteers) to provide a safe space to tackle challenges, gain access to free training and resources, and work together to further their impact reach. We also open to philanthropic arms of for profit companies.
Chairperson: Katie Berganske-Frank

POP: Power Hour Professionals (Currently Meeting Virtually)

Meets: 1st and 3rd Friday of every month, Noon to 1:00pm.
Description: Our goal is to progressively build long lasting, relationships and maximize our outcomes in order to continue to grow our own and other’s businesses. We aspire to serve our community by assisting non-profit organizations in the vision and mission of their causes.
Chair Person: Kari-Ann Ryan; Steve Jakubczak,

Schaumburg Referral Exchange (Currently Meeting Virtually)

Meets: Every Wednesday at 7:30 am
Description: A non-compete, proactive group of business professionals whose objective is to provide a weekly networking program to generate new business through referrals from fellow members.
Open for new members- Non-compete
Chair Person: Lee Owens; Tracy Murphy Paukstys

Schaumburg Business Builders (Currently Meeting Virtually)

Meets: Every Thursday from 11:30-12:30pm
Description: A non-compete group which makes networking a positive, rewarding, and fun experience by building relationships between members.
Open for new members- Non-compete
Chair Person: Christina Yolich

The FOCUS Group (Currently Meeting Virtually)

Meets: 1st and 3rd Thursday of every month at 7:30am
Description: A non-compete group of business professionals dedicated to providing high-quality introductions that will grow our member businesses. We emphasize professional development & accountability along with business support group through group discussions. Our primary FOCUS and passion is to make certain our members receive the highest quality introductions to grow their business and strengthen their network.
Membership View: Business owners, Executives, Experienced sales
Open for new members- Non-compete
Chair Person:
Zach Youngblood

WIN: Women In Networking (Currently Meeting Virtually)

Meets: Fourth Monday of every month, Noon – 1:30pm
Description: Women in Networking (W.I.N.) is the first women-only SBA sponsored networking group. Our goal is to meet once/month during the lunch hour to share ideas and information, provide referrals, and promote one another and our businesses. WIN is a non-compete group, and sign up is on a first-come basis.
Chair Person: Julie Selof; Jackie Luthringshausen

Young Professionals (Currently Meeting Virtually)

Meets: Committees - 1st Tuesday of every month from 12:00 – 1:00pm
Events – 1 per month, no set date
Description: An ambitious and diverse group of young professionals connected by the Schaumburg Business Association with the purpose of creating networking relationships, enhancing professional skills, engaging civically, and providing career resources for future leaders.
Non-exclusive, non-referral, 1 person per company max for committee meetings
Content & events are geared towards individuals with less than 10 years in the workforce
Chair Person: Danilo Nevarez