Congratulations it’s a…..highway?

The Schaumburg Business Association proudly adopted a .45 mile stretch of road to be an active investor in keeping Schaumburg a great place to live, work and play. The official adoption went into effect, December of 2021, with the first mass clean-up event taking place on Wednesday, April 20, 2022. The day was overcast with a lite sprinkle, but the crew was still all smiles. Just ahead of earth day it was perfect timing to start caring for the stretch of road that will be under the SBA’s care for the next two years.
The inception of this program coming to the SBA was thanks to the spearhead Jim Idstein of James Idstein Consulting, who had participated in the Adopt-A-Highway program in the past and found it valuable, stating “I recommended the Adopt-A-Highway program to the Schaumburg Business Association because I thought it was a good business practice.  Being part of the Adopt-A-Highway program shows that the SBA is committed to the total wellbeing of the community. Many visitors come to Schaumburg and you don’t want to give them the image of a dirty village. By participating in the program, we are keeping an important section of a highway clean and beautiful and encouraging civic responsibility among our members. Plus, for all members that participate on a cleanup crew, they get a strong feeling of pride that they made a difference in the community.”    
Between the four cleanups the program has brought out many volunteers. Individuals, networking groups, or corporate teams who have used investing in their community to bond and give back. One of the regular volunteers is Dave LoSavio of The Suburban Team of Marc Allan Realty. “I enjoy keeping our local streets clean, and it’s a way to team build and connect with others in my community. When I drive by, I know that I contributed.” There is also a fun side to the clean up with Dave stating, “the orange striped vest makes me feel like I’m in an MTV video from the ‘80s.” The volunteers also continued the fun, and the impact, by finishing up at a local bar or restaurant to support local establishments.
After completing a successful first year, the SBA and its members look forward to continuing to keep our stretch of highway clean and cared for. The SBA will launch clean ups next spring and look forward to the process and connecting with all the 2023 volunteers. There is also hopes that the participation will help inspire other groups to adopt highways in their areas and see keeping our streets clean as a community responsibility!