How do you plan for disturbances to your business that can show up at a moments notice? COVID-19 has rocked our world in a matter of weeks. Now we are all living in a remote world, planning for re-entry, and trying to positively impact our community all at once.

It can be overwhelming to try to carry on business as usual, in this unusual time. The Schaumburg Business Association is dedicated to getting you as many resources as we can to help ease the turbulence.

This new blog series will include member inspired information in three categories…

  • Working from Home – Etiquette and Hacks
  • Building a new Blueprint – Navigating COVID-19 and Planning for Re-Entry
  • When Community is Business – Stories Using Business for Community

There are unlimited resources, perspective and expertise in the SBA membership. If you or your business have something to share with the membership, please reach out to Marketing & Communications Manager, Christina Cox at




One of the greatest challenges of the COVID-19 crisis is the devastating effect it has had on employees. Loss of hours or their jobs all together. Our employees are our family, so check out these resources and frequently asked questions to help navigate.

Terry Koehler, Presidio

Some of the top questions to benefits providers include..

  • How are claims being covered?
  • How do you council the insured and uninsured during this time?
  • How does this impact the employee if the employer is not collecting premium payments?

All that and more is covered in this FAQ page provided by Presidio.


Benefits providers are not the only ones being asked to clarify the technicalities in the laws and benefits in place for employees at this time. Attorneys are hard at work sorting it all out. Andre with Bruning & Associates offers up these resources to help understand some difficult topics.

Andre Ordeanu, Bruning & Associates

Emergency FMLA:

Emergency Paid Sick Leave Act:

Essential and Non-essential in Governor's Executive Order:

What can be a bright spot in the day, is planning for re-entry to a business as usual world. One of the greatest lessons we can learn is how important employee health is. There are tons of ways to build health initiatives into our daily business lives. Take it from people who have made health their business.

Julie & Charlie Cates, Muscle Activation Schaumburg

“Julie and I recommend using this time to create a new normal for yourself. Use a more open schedule to create time to move, time to destress, and time to rest and recover every day. Get outside, take naps, join in on our Facebook workouts, start a mediation practice - get in the habit of doing things today that will pay dividends in the future.

As individuals, we are all going to come out of this time either healthier or less healthy than we are right now. By utilizing the opportunities that a schedule with fewer commitments presents to prioritize your health and well-being, you will find yourself in a better place to handle the challenges that await each of us once we all return to business as usual.”

For great ideas on what afflicts employees, check out this great podcast produced by Muscle Activation Schaumburg.

With our 800+ members we will have no shortage of expertise, keep an eye out for our two other blogs as well as weekly updates to each topic, while we remain #communitystrong.