Looking to do events for seniors out in the community!

November 9, 2021
At Oak Street Health, our primary care providers are specialized in caring for Medicare patients and seniors with a preventative care focus that strives to keep you healthy and out of the hospital. Our state-of-the-art facilities are set up to handle what seniors need most, including community rooms to offset isolation, in-center pharmacies in some centers, and even behavioral health specialists. And we’re conveniently located in the communities where our patients live, providing access to high-quality care. Find a local Oak Street Health primary care center near you today!
As we get ready to open our Streamwood location at 1090 S Barrington Rd Streamwood, IL 60107 - We are setting up events so the community is aware what Oak Street Health can provide. We are looking for more opportunities to partner up with local business, agencies, organizations, especially the ones that cater to seniors to do events, to do more of these events.
Please contact the Outreach Director if you want more information.