Looking for a Dynamic, Seasoned Networking Group?

June 7, 2022

Dedicated Network Alliance

Meets: The first Thursday of every month at Wildberry in Schaumburg for breakfast. The second and third Thursday we meet at Bell Works in Hoffman Estates. The former ATT facility
Description: Powerful B2B referral generation, business development group, dedicated to aggressively providing members with quality business referrals..
Membership view: Business owners, decision makers, sales executives, etc.
Open for new members: Non-compete
Chair Person: Ron Roberti – to learn more about the group and be our guest reach out to Ron at 847.651.0656 / ron@resourcecommercial.net
Current Members include: Attorney, commercial and residential brokers, commercial and residential bankers, merchant card services, Quickbooks on-line specialist, sign company, payroll and benefits provider, corporate plant and holiday decorating services, insurance broker, retirement plan advisor.