Heal Deeper with Psychological Surgery

July 12, 2021
If you've gone as far as you can go in traditional psychotherapy and still feel like your symptoms continue to linger, then you may be a good candidate for Psychological Surgery. Many symptoms are relieved within a week of their third treatments with most patients reporting overall relief and awareness within one session. Using quantum physics, all treatments are performed to ensure maximum results at deeper levels in fewer sessions.
Hypnotherapy: The most effective and popular treatments that most people request. To learn more about hypnotherapy, click here.
RoHun: Another popular treatment that people request to get to the heart of trauma and/or lingering underlying issues experienced by many people long after traditional therapy has become ineffective. To learn more about RoHun Therapy, click here.
Psychotherapy: Yes, you can still participate in traditional psychotherapy! Before you get too excited, this isn’t your run of the mill psychotherapy. You are able to have elements of deeper healing that allow you to get to the source of your discomfort or angst faster than having someone just listen to you and not their head in understanding. This is a very engaging and active for of therapy that will allow you to walk away with much to do and think about! To learn more about psychotherapy, click here.  
For those who are more spiritual in nature and curious about exploring their causes of distress in different ways, the following services are available to skillfully guide you in your own, deeper knowing:
Yhandi’s Inner Light: One of the most comprehensive inner child healing treatments one can undergo. It is a 20 hour process that takes you into the maze your inner child created to keep you safe. There is a reason you behave the way you do, the story of where it comes from can only be told by your inner child themself. To learn more about Yhandi’s Inner Light, click here.
Soul Retrievals: Allows you to heal, reclaim and integrate fragmented parts of yourself that have left due to trauma, abuse or other reasons. Past Life Therapy: An inner journey that helps you to remember what you are here to learn, heal long standing issues that continue to return, or gain clarity regarding a life pattern - especially in relationships.  To learn more about soul retrievals, click here.
Womb Cleanses: Whenever a pregnancy is not carried to term, for any reason, the soul of the baby can become stuck in the mother or the father’s aura causing a significant amount of distress, shame, and fragmentation. This process helps parents to heal and release the soul of the child into the light so everyone can move on in love and hope. Effective emotional healing for grieving parents and those having difficulty conceiving. To learn more about womb cleanses, click here.