Have you cleaned your clothes dryer vent recently?

December 20, 2021
The average dryer vent cleaning cost is $130 before any coupons and for routine maintenance of correctly installed ductwork. We often find bird nests, wet lint, water, disconnected or broker dryer pipes, and flexible plastic hoses. The white plastic dryer vent hose is unsafe. These items should be repaired or replaced and can add cost to the job.
On average, routine Maintenance Dryer Vent Cleaning Costs $130, ranging from $89 to $175*. * Crawl spaces, roof vents, attics, and second-story vents can have an additional charge of $15 to $50. Most Bird Nest Removal costs are $30 +/- $20 and include the nest and musty lint's proper disposal.
Returning Lint King Customers that keep up annual routine dryer vent maintenance will save the most money. Other charges may apply for repairs, replacement parts, bird's nest removal or covers, accessibility, and fully clogged or damaged ductwork. Call now to speak with a Lint King dryer vent cleaning professional for additional information.
When the work is completed, we will give you a complete report of the dryer vent cleaning, any issues we find.
Get The Job Done Right The First Time By A Dryer Vent Cleaning Expert

Paul Meyers

The Lint King Inc.