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September 21, 2021
How Much Does It Cost to Run a Clothes Dryer?
The average clothes dryer uses 3 kilowatts/hour of electricity, and a gas dryer uses 22,000 BTUs/hr of gas plus 1.5kilowatts/hour of electrical energy to turn the drum.
The amount of energy used depends on the appliances' airflow through the ductwork to the outside. Maintaining your clothes dryer's airways can save you MONEY in the laundry room? Most homeowners' first-time cleaning average SAVINGS is $187 and 650 HOURS doing laundry per year.
Gas vs. Electric Dryers? Residential clothes dryers operate in much the same way, and they use Gas or Electricity to heat air. Most appliances have one motor to turn a drum that tumbles clothes and the blower.
The heated air moves through the machine as the fan pulls air through the lint trap and out of the clothes dryer. Did you know that appliances today have a moisture sensing technology that will automatically end the cycle?
The heated air then passes through the drum removing moisture (approx. ½ gallon of water). Did you know that operating costs vary depending on if natural gas or electricity is used to heat the air?
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