ChiroOne Wellness Event

September 29, 2020
We are now offering FREE Virtual Workshops!
Our wellness centers would like to serve and support your staff with a Complimentary Virtual Wellness Event as part of our community outreach program during these stressful times.  
You can choose from topics like:
• Boosting your Immunity
• Stress Less
• At-Home Ergonomics – Preventing Pain when Working from Home
• Workplace Ergonomics – Preventing Common Workplace Conditions
• Beyond the Back – Natural relief for Extremity Pain
Our educational, Chiro One expert-led Wellness Workshops can increase the number of benefits you offer your employees or customers—added benefits boost morale, increase productivity, strengthen loyalty, decrease absenteeism and more.
Our Virtual Workshops are intended to be interactive so questions are encouraged by the audience. Filled with useful and unique wellness information, our customized workshops leave participants with action steps they can implement in their daily lives right away.