Check out Connections!

May 3, 2021
The Schaumburg Business Association offers many options of networking groups and Connections has been re-energizing the focus and goals for the group in 2021. Check out what Connections is built on, and if you are interested in checking it out email Dave LoSavio at!


I. PURPOSE: The Purpose of this group is to create the space for entrepreneurs to discuss opportunities and challenges, while providing feedback to level up their careers & lifestyle, build long lasting relationships, while adding value to the marketplace.
II. VALUES: This co-creation recognizes the values of Resourcefulness, Leadership, and Community and applies its energy to cultivating these values within the group and the marketplace.
III. GOALS:  Connections strives to accomplish the following:
a. Support fellow group members through education and resources
b. Build trusted business and personal relationships
c. Become advisors and challenge members to play big
d. Cultivate and Connect referrals to group members.
IV. New Membership: Interested potential members will be permitted to participate in 2 meetings.  Also, they will be required to meet and demonstrate that they will be committed to the goals of Connections.  The cost to be a member is $25.00 per quarter.  Such funds will be used year-end to support a charitable cause chosen by the group.
V. Confidentiality: Connections is a safe space where members can share otherwise private and confidential information, and each member agrees to maintain such privacy.  It is important to recognize that this is a safe space to share openly and honestly.  This brings a level of responsibility.
VI. Structure: 45-second elevator pitch, Biggest Win, Biggest Challenge, Something we are grateful for (all since our last meeting):
a. Big “wins;”
b. Current challenges; and
c. Gratitude.