Superhuman Memory

Superhuman Memory

Wednesday's Leadership Luncheon was one to remember, no pun intended! SBA members packed in a conference room which needed extra seating for the 40+ attendees. If you were there you already had the feel that this was one you wouldn't want to miss.

Freedom Personal Development national speaker, Robb Zbierski, spoke about how the sky is the limit when discovering our memory power. Many of us might think to ourselves that we "just have bad memory," when really the problem lies within our willingness to learn. Basically, it's a matter of training our brains to become better at remembering certain things.

Much of what Robb talked about had a lot to do with instant recall memory and reading smart, two things many of us can relate to. I'm sure plenty of us can agree that we've met multiple people and instantly forgot their name. Or, we'd like the ability to read quicker and retain that information. Fortunately, Robb was more than happy to give us some helpful tips that would increase both of these.

Without going into too much detail, when it comes to meeting someone for the first time, we need to slow down and listen. We tend to get worked up because we're always thinking about what we're going to say to that person. This doesn't benefit you or the person you're trying to get to know. Second, repeat their name upon greeting them. It wouldn't hurt to say it a couple more times throughout conversation as it helps to store that name in a mental filing cabinet. 

Which brings us to the second focus of the day, reading smart. I can vouch for Robb. The simple trick of using a note card and placing it above the line your reading while moving it down at a comfortable pace helps remarkably. We had done an exercise where Robb told us to read at a normal pace until he said stop. Then, he had us do it again but with the note card trick. Everyone increased their word per minute speed, as expected. By using the note card to cover the previous line you read you're focusing your brain on what you have to read next. 

After completing this task it only made me think of what our brains can really achieve. As Robb said, "memory is trained or untrained." This is when we went on to another task of sporadically calling out things such as purple rain, summer, for, Blackhawks, etc. Robb, the funny guy that he is, told us to remember the list of 15 forward and backward. As expected, no one could do it. A good 15 minutes went by which is when Robb impressed everyone by confidently listing all 15 things forward and backward, 

Of course, everyone was in awe. The thing is, this is something we are all capable of doing. One of the things that sets us back from expanding our memory is stress. Robb had given us a time table to remember the list which puts stress on our brains. If we can train our brains to manage that stress and keep learning memory techniques we, too, can be the ones impressing others. 



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